Under the current economic situation, whether you are running a small business or operating a company, it seems inevitable that goods delivery or client visits will be involved. In regards to the safety of individuals and properties, the American auto expert Kenny Chang shared some insights on the things employers should watch out for when hiring a driver.


  1. Verify Driving License Authenticity

Employers can ask the applicants to provide their driver licenses to learn more information about them. You can verify if the license is real or not from their age, the type of the license, the photo, and the color of their eyes, or by comparing signatures with other documents. Also, make sure to check if the address is the same as well. When in doubt, make sure to ask the applicant.


  1. Read the Driving License Details.

When people are getting their driver’s license, if they need to wear glasses or contacts in order to pass the test, this will be indicated on their license showing that the driver needs corrective lenses. If the individual can’t drive at night due to a vision disability, the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) will also request that they are to only drive in daylight.


  1. Check the Driving License’s Effectiveness.

In California, it’s illegal to use driving license that are ineffective. If the license is invalid, you have to go to DMV to apply for a new one. Or else, when employers are purchasing auto insurance, they may have you sign an Exclude Driver Form to indicate that you won’t be driving the company’s car.


  1. Do a Background Check.

When interviewing applicants, employers can require them to provide information, such as the name of their previous company, the company address or a contact person, to help evaluate their driving skill. Employers can also ask applicants to do a drug test to check if there’s any addiction or use of illegal drugs. You can purchase the tool for drug testing online or in outlet. It’s cheap and very convenient.


  1. Checking for a good Driving Record

Having a good driving record is an important requirement for someone that works on the road. Generally, it is recommended for employers to examine the applicant’s records.  If the applicant fails to provide them, the information can also be obtained from DMV.


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