When living in America, the number 65 is a critical age. The life after retirement had been a big concern for many people, especially when it comes to medical expenses. Luckily, although elders tend to have more health problems, American workers that are over 65 years old can get medical insurance provided by government.


According to the American Medicare expert Kenny Chang, if you are a United States citizen or permanent resident and you’ve been paying the medical insurance tax for ten years or over 40 quarters, then you are qualified to apply for Medicare when you turn 65. Being qualified mean you will get free access to Medicare Part A, which is the part of medical insurance used for hospitalization and nursing costs provided by the federal government. But note that there’s still deductible involved and limitations for hospitalization days.


The health insurance provided by employer can be used to complement Part A portion of Medicare. For example, the policy from work can be used to pay for the hospitalization expense required first, and the federal health insurance Medicare Part A can be used to cover the excess costs that exceed coverage limit.


Medicare Part B is the medical insurance for outpatient expense provided by the federal government. If you’re still working at the age of 65 and you have the medical insurance provide by your employer, you can choose to exclude Part B. In other words, you can wait until you have lost coverage from work to go to Social Security Office to apply for the Part B portion. The expense of Medicare Part B insurance is usually automatically deducted from the supplemental security income every month, or you can pay it by check or automatic transfer to Social Security Office.


You can apply for Medicare through the social security office three months before your 65-year-old birthday. Don’t forget to bring your documents and your social ID card. Normally you will receive your Medicare card in two weeks after the application. It’s also important that you check the effective date of Medicare Part A and B. If you have any questions or you want to learn more about the Medicare, please welcome to join our Medicare session or call 1-800-681-8288 to KCAL insurance agency.




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