As we all know, there will be a large amount of travelers during the summer period. Many Chinese travel to the U.S. for sightseeing, visiting relatives or sending their kids to school. Some American teenagers even go to the school in other states. If accident happens when they’re far from home, how will we take care of the medical issue? And what should we know about the insurance?


The expert of American insurance Kenny Chang suggests that people should buy Travel Safety Insurance when they come to the U.S. from abroad. We all know the medical expenses in the U.S. are very expensive. Sometimes it will cost you millions just to stay in ER for one night. If people sprain their ankle or can’t accommodate to the food or the climate when they first come to the U.S., the insurance claim for Travel Safety Insurance could go up to 100 million at maximum and you will only be charged for 2 or 3 dollars per day.


Changing your insurance plans in advance is highly suggested if your children are going to another state for school. According to the Affordable Care Act, children under 26 years old can still be added as part of their parents’ healthcare insurance. In cases where the parents are under  the PPO plan, if there is an easy access of contract doctors in the area where your children is located, parents can choose to not make any changes. However, if there are only few contracted doctors or access to doctors is inconvenient from the school, you should consider buying the school insurance. If you’re using the PPO plan of Blue Cross Company, make sure you keep in mind that starting this year, most of the  PPO plan of the company are changed to EPO plan, and you can only use the benefits of an EPO plan in California.  You can contact your insurance company or agent to check if your policy is still effective for use in states out of California.


Most of the time, we can’t use the HMO plans outside of California except for the HMO plan of Kaiser Permanente. For parents that are currently under the HMO plan, since the plan can’t be used in other states, they would have to change the plan for their children. Of course, expect for the Kaiser Permanente. There are Kaiser Hospitals in Colorado, Florida, Saint George, Hawaii, Washington D.C. and Virginia. If your child is attending a school in one of these states, you can make a phone call to the Kaiser Company to transfer the child’s insurance information to local hospital.


Whether you are traveling to the United States, visiting relatives, or your children are attending school out of state, the safest way to ensure your insurance is intact is to have everything prepared in advance.


If you have any questions or you want to learn more about the traveling or health insurance, welcome to call 1-800-681-8288 to KCAL insurance company to let us know.


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